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Home is where the heart is! A statement that rings true for many homeowners. There is nothing better than making your home, your own. It’s where we feel happy, sad, collect our thoughts or do whatever we desire. The way we design our homes to look, inside and out is a reflection on us as individuals. So What does your home say about you?

After watching ‘world’s weirdest homes’ (Channel 4) it made me look at what other people actually call home and how inventive and creative they can be. I guess not all of us look for that 2-up 2-down semi. Over the next few weeks I will be exploring more into this world and showing you some of the crazy, wonderful and sometimes money saving homes I find. First up..

The Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 09.34.31

Photo: Dietmut Teljgeman-Hansen/Flickr

A set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in The Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom in 1984. Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. There are 38 small cubes and two so called ‘super-cubes’, all attached to each other.

The Mushroom House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo: Kevin Trotman/Flickr

This one-bedroom house was created by local architect Terry Brown a professor of Architecture and interior design at the university of Cincinnati. It’s also known as the Treehouse.

The Minnesota Foam House, Minnetrista, Minnesota

Also known as the Hobbit House, this strange and wonderful home is the creation of Winslow Wedin. Built in 1969 from Polyurethane spray foam, chicken wire and 2 x 2s his out of this world dwelling was cheap, solid and very energy efficient. The foam house has survived record snowfalls, Dramatic cold & heat and its been reported it once took a direct lighting strike.

The House in the Clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk, England

One of the best known ‘curious’ houses of Britain is the “House in the Clouds’ which started its life in 1923 as a water tower for the village of Thorpeness. Considered to be ugly it was later disguised as a house. In 1979 the main tank was removed and converted. The building now features five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

And as a Cheeky Bonus…

Our Plan was to leave it there for this time but I came across this house that is to good to leave out.

The Headington Shark, Oxford, England

the headington shark by on photosynth

There must be very few towns in the world that can claim to have their own giant fibreglass shark protruding from the roof of an otherwise normal residential home. It first appeared on the 9th of August 1986 and looked as if it had fallen from the sky. Called “Untitled 1986” it was put in place to mark the 41st anniversary of use of an atomic weapon on Nakasaki.

You can find more information on “untitled 1986” here.

Tell us what you think…

So what do you think of these homes? Have you found any you think we should feature? Tell us in the comments below, or contact us through our social media platforms. We look forward to seeing what you find and you never know it may feature next time.