Fire Precautions at Christmas

Fire Precautions at Christmas Christmas is a special time for celebration and we can take small precautions to make sure fire hazards are avoided this time of year. We've put together some advice that can help reduce the risk of fire in your home and make sure Christmas is not ruined. Fairy Lights are a

The HullHARP Project

Raising Awareness It’s a special time of the year and unfortunately for many people they will spend their Christmas living rough on the streets; however, there is an opportunity for these people to still feel welcomed and supported at this time through a local organisation called Hull HARP. Hull HARP is a non profit

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Staying Safe & Warm This Winter

Staying Safe & Warm This Winter It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and we are buying gifts for loved ones; hiding them away in our homes in anticipation of seeing the looks on their faces when given that something special. Sadly, the world is full of opportunists and